1. Do you work by the hour? Yes, we provide hourly cleaning for misc. requests. We also provide flat rate estimates. Once we complete the initial walk through, we will confirm the final price for the job.

  2. What type of services do you provide? We offer turnover cleaning for short term rentals. We are also available for move in/move out cleanings for long term rentals, commercial business cleaning, and post construction cleaning.

  3. Does the short term rental cleaning include laundry? One load of laundry is included in the quoted pricing. Additional laundry needed is charged at $30.00 per bag. A replacement set of sheets and towels are required for each turn to be successful.

  4. Is KZ Cleaning licensed and insured? Yes. We are licensed and Insured in the state of Virginia.

  5. Do you have your own supplies? Yes, we provide all of the supplies and equipment necessary for each clean.

  6. Do you do background checks on all employees? Yes. Effective 12/1/2020, we will require every employee to have a background check completed.

  7. Do you show up at the scheduled time? We schedule our appointments to arrive within 30 minutes-1 hour of the noted time. Check in and check out times will be noted for the best guest experience.

  8. How do you prefer to be contacted? The best way to reach us is through email at service@kzcleaning.com. You can call/text us at (757) 271-7073.

  9. Who will be doing the cleaning? We work in teams of 1-3 people on each clean. If currently in training, a team manager will be present as well.

  10. Do you charge a rescheduling fee? Rescheduling must be made 48 hours in advance. If cancellation occurs after 48 hours will be subject to a fee of 30% of the payment amount.

  11. Do you clean the same areas each time, or do you rotate cleaning throughout? There is a checklist that we follow for each type of clean. For short term cleanings, we clean all of the major areas in each room to prepare for the next guest. We do recommend a deep cleaning once a month to do a detailed clean to include baseboards, fans, and any additional areas needed.

  12. How much do you charge for each service? Flat rate pricing is available for quoting. For additional requests and/or to check availability, please email us at service@kzcleaning.com

  13. What type of payment methods do you accept? We accept credit/debit, PayPal, Bank transfer, & Apple Pay. Payment must be made once appointment is scheduled to secure your date & time. Short term rental payments can be made the day of the scheduled check out.