Meet The Owner

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Where it all started.

Hello, my name is Brittany Bush, and I am the owner of KZ Cleaning. My business first originated in 2018. My professional job experience started with customer service and sales at several corporate and small business companies. I also cleaned for a small cleaning company in the 757 area. This consisted of servicing commercial buildings. I was soon interested in getting into the property management field. I was given advice from a few leasing consultants at my apartment complex. Shortly after, I was applying for jobs as a leasing consultant. I had amazing mentors as my bosses. These property managers and assistant managers showed me everything I needed to know to become successful. That is exactly what I have become in that industry. The more I learned about the field, the more it became second nature for me.

I started venturing off to get experience through a real estate company that managed private homes and commercial properties. I began to see a strong need for cleaning services. Sometimes it was done right, other times it wasn’t. Sometimes, the property managers would look to the employees to handle the cleaning on desperate, last minute measures. This was with the real estate company, and multifamily property management. I love to clean and I am hands on with my employee training. It gives me joy to know that I’m able to help someone. I have an understanding for people in demanding positions that do not allow them time for cleaning. This goes for job related positions, and personal.

As a single mom of two boys, I know exactly what it’s like to have to multitask. It was very difficult to keep the household chores together while working a full time job, and raising my boys. I had to get a routine in place and adjusted it often. I had my first son at age 17, after my junior year in high school. He was born a few days after we were dismissed for summer break. I was very fortunate that my teachers worked with me and assisted me all the way to graduation. I had my second son 6 years later. Both experiences were very challenging, leaving me with the responsibility to myself. I had to grow up quickly with no directions or guidance. This was true for me since the age of 12, when my mother died. My grandmother took the full time role of raising me. I was learning life as I go with very few dull moments. The learning experience has allowed me to appreciate what I have overcome. Being a parent has humbled me and created the strong drive that I have. I knew I wanted more for my boys. I want them to have the best chance at life. Through my experiences, I quickly learned the importance of having great work and personal ethics.

I did some research and became interested in starting a cleaning business. It allowed me to work towards filling that empty space that businesses in my area desperately needed. My team and I know the importance of detailing and delivering. My mission is to deliver excellent, consistent results at our company. I am constantly studying the best cleaning procedures and supplies on a regular basis. This will allow my clients to get the ultimate experience that they may currently lack. I appreciate value, and I make sure that we are offering the best value to the businesses and families that we work with.   


As always, we appreciate the business of each and every client. I thank you for taking the time out to read more about me. I will continue to be a hands on owner to allow the best possible results. At this point in my life, I want nothing but the best, and I want that for my clients too!


-Brittany Bush

Owner, KZ Cleaning