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EPP Disinfectants (Environmentally Preferred Products)

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

As an owner of a cleaning company, choosing the best cleaning products possible always comes to mind.

I have always loved ZEP Products because of the effectiveness and affordability. The whole line has been promising and definitely has the professional cleaner in mind. During the pandemic, with such a limited supply of cleaning supplies locally, I came across a line called ZEP GreenLink. This line is one of their best selling in products and was readily available.

I did some research on what exactly ZEP GreenLink means, and the benefits that it brings. In the past, I have been skeptical to using an alternative to cleaning with certain chemicals. I was hesitant on the effectiveness that these products would bring. I felt like with a proven promising brand like ZEP, it was worth a try. There is nothing greater than choosing to use products that are good for the environment. I began reading about the formulation criteria that they have. They list the specific products that have been certified under third party programs such as Green Seal, Ecologo, EPA’s Design for the Environment, and others.

They also have their own guidelines to all of the GreenLink products such as:

1. Packaging containing post-consumer recycled content. 2. The bottles, pails, drums, etc. are recyclable. 3. Must contain biodegradable surfactants. This material breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, and minerals by a natural process. 4. It does not contain any chlorine bleach. 6. Non-corrosive. 7. No ammonia. 8. VOC compliant. 9. There are no ozone-depleting compounds. 10. Less than 0.5% Phosphorous. 11. Does not contain carcinogens which are substances and exposures that can lead to cancer. 12. No butyl solvents aka 2-butoxyethanol or ethylene glycol butyl ether. 13. No chlorinated solvents. 14. No reproductive toxins. 15. No heavy metals that can be difficult to remove from waste streams. Lastly, number 16. No phthalates.

These guidelines alone have convinced me to switch the products my company uses to the GreenLink product line where possible. We have started switching with the disinfectant cleaner. Not only is it preferred for the environment, it is hospital-grade, and proven effective against viruses. It is also a powerful detergent system that cuts through grease and heavy soil. This is exactly what my company needs to clean our client’s homes and businesses. When using, I was nothing less than satisfied. It has a very light lemon scent that is not overpowering. It is a disinfectant, a cleaner, a tuberculocidal, a deodorizer, a virucide, a mildewstat, and a fungicide. This is an all-in-one spray to cover all of our cleaning needs for our clients. Thanks for your time in reading!

- Brittany

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