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These last few months has given me time to think about our next steps and to work & research full time. I want KZ Cleaning to be more than just another cleaning company. I want to make a positive impact on our local communities, and our clients who we absolutely love! As I build my business, I want to have a clear goal in mind that everyone will remember.

I have changed the slogan to “Your Peace Is Our Business!” I want to be able to spread more peace to the families and businesses who need me and my team as an extra hand to continue their success. I want to take that unneeded stress away. I am confident in doing so through the services and products that we provide.

As I build my team, I will reiterate this in our training. The world has enough of negativity and hate. My company will not tolerate it. We will deliver the exact opposite. We will strongly support those that understand this goal! We wish strength and love to all. We hope for understanding of all.

*Always remember, in every negative situation, there is a positive outcome. ...I'm out here! WE LOVE YOU KZ FAMILY! –Brittany

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