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Short Term Rental 

Turnover Clean

We take away the stress of turning over & preparing short term - vacation rentals for you as a host. Getting the best reviews on your listing is important to keep a consistent booking status. Guests want to trust that they will show up to a clean, & stocked home. We are experienced in this area. We currently assist hosts in Norfolk, Hampton, & Newport News, VA. We provide the best training to our team members. We are currently expanding and available to assist new hosts through 2024! 

On each turn, we will deliver a full cleaning of the rental. This includes removing bed sheets, bath mats, & towels, and refreshing with new. A full inventory service, including restocking, and additional laundry services are available. We are also available for rental decorating!  


We deliver a clean kitchen, a spotless bathroom, and an enjoyable environment for each and every guest. 



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