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Do you need additional assistance with your Short Term Rental?

Facts about Short Term Rentals:

What is a Short term rental? A Short term rental is a property that is for rent to guests for fewer than 30 consecutive nights.

These rentals are sometimes known as vacation rentals.

They are often listed on platforms available on desktop and mobile such as VRBO, or AIRBNB.

Most renters prefer renting on these known platforms over a hotel stay due to having access to a full home away from home with most necessities included.

The advantage of buying a short term rental is that you have the possibility of a much higher rental income. Also, you will be able to check on the maintenance and cleanliness of your property in-between guests at a higher frequency than compared to a long term rental. This will avoid the potentially high costs of turning over a unit for another renter.

Three important universal tips when starting your first short term rental is: A. Find a good location that will attract many guests. This can be an area where it’s known to have a lot of tourists such as a venue, or amusement park. Also, you can pick a location that will have a lot of business events, or traveling professions. One last suggestion would be to pick a location that would be good for people to visit their families from out of state. B. Understand your local laws and regulations. C. Check your costs against your profits to see if this will benefit you and accomplish the goals that you have set out for this property.

Short term rentals can be a second job from preparing, starting to rent, and helping your many guests. To start, you would need to decorate and stage the home so that it is appealing to guests. You would need to make sure you have enough linen, supplies, and optional treats that you choose for each guest. Lastly you have to make sure that the property is cleaned professionally and up to your guest’s standards. We can help you with all of the above! We have been fortunate to work with such amazing clients in the Hampton Roads area who have phenomenal tastes with interior designing and decorating. Some have also shown us tips and tricks to make beds tastefully, and to deliver an excellent hospitality experience. We have picked up a ton of tips as well from none other than personal experience! Providing linens and laundry services is another service that we offer in addition to our cleaning.

To summarize our service to you, we assist with:

Short Term Rental Cleaning

Maintenance reporting and scheduling

Laundry and Linen Services

Decorating and staging


To confirm your interest and to start services, please email us at Questions: (757) 271-7073

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